Sunday, May 15, 2011

Before/After Eyelash Extensions


(**Note no clumps of eyelashes stuck together. If you have seen this/have this, it is UNSAFE. Clumps lead to permanent damage of your eyelashes. Many lash "experts" apply too much glue, or do not let the glue dry properly, causing the weight to break your natural lashes and create gaps and breakage.)

 With mascara on the tips

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Glam Eye Lash Extensions

Mink Lash Extensions!!!!
*Can we get a heck yes?!*
Until now, mink eyelashes were only being custom made for celebrities like Oprah, Madonna, and Jennifer Lopez for thousands of dollars or more a pair. Supermodel Heidi Klum says that "Mink eyelashes gives you Bambi lashes”. The Beauty Call is now making them more affordable for everyone. You no longer have to be a celebrity to look like one and wear the highest quality lashes on the market!

Our Mink Lashes are enviously thick in appearance yet delicately light and fluttery to wear. Minks has a unique natural sheen adding a twinkle to the eyes that cannot be achieved with regular synthetic lash extensions, human hair lashes, lash builders or the latest mascara. Our glossy mink lashes add instant eye catching allure. Who wouldn’t want to flaunt the fact that these lashes are
100% real lush mink furs. Havested without harming animals in any way. You can be chic and fashionably responsible.

Our Mink Lashes are obtained by gently brushing live farm animals in Russia, harvested, sterilized and meticulously assembled and curled.
Because of the delicate nature of the Mink furs, everything is 100% handmade for proper handling.
All raw fur materials are imported from the Siberian region of Russia, currently the best mink available on the market.
Only the best furs are used to produce all our mink eyelashes products. They are retrieved through a No-Brutality method to ensure that no animals are hurt in the process.
Mink furs are harvested by gently brushing live farm minks or collected from normal shedding. All Minks are sterilized and Hypo-Allergenic.

Thumbs up for no-brutality methods!!

Words cannot describe how happy we are to be adding lash extensions to our list of services!
We pride ourselves on out meticulous(at times maybe even a little perfectionist- ha ha) work. 
We use ALL disposable 100% sanitary tools on our clients.

****Please be aware of "professionals" who are not taking them time to sanitize, place lashes properly, use the correct tools or listen to your needs.
Many people come to use with infections, discomfort and horrible extensions due too poor services done by other companies****
Photo of *properly* applied eyelashes- done by NOVA lash.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Diva Distractions

This is my favorite hairstyle for summer right now
What is your favorite summer trend?

Dearest Divas, 
I am SO sorry I have been totally neglecting my blog :( Now that this semester is over, I will be back to my usual bloggings! What have all you divas been up to?  I am so excited today because I am finally purchasing my professional eyelash extensions so that I can add them to my services for freelancing! I have been working at the V Spot Salon in scottsdale doing both makeup and eyelash extensions, I have been loving it! If any of you divas are interested in getting these done, please go ahead and email me- I can give you my pricing and details. 
I hope you all have been happy and safe. Stay beautiful! 
Glossy Kisses,
Xo ErinEstelle
Arizona is so beautiful.