Sunday, September 18, 2011

What is UP ladies?!

Dearest Divas,
Excuse the mass of jumbled pictures, when uploading them, they all became disorganized.Here is a little update!
Absolutely AMAZING. Heaven on Earth I tell ya. Seriously, if you struggle with blackheads, RUN do not walk to the closets Target for this. 

 AHHHH .. a clean house :)

 My new favorites, found at Target.. all by Boots, from the UK!
 The most comfortable blanket on sale from Target.. 10$ baby!
 This is me, sick and tired and exhausted.. and sick :(
 This makes me happy though, beautiful Arizona
My failed attempt to show you my outfit the other night, darn it!!

I apologize for being so MIA. Things really could not be any crazier right now and I have already gotten sick:( I just need to take some time to rest and take care of myself before I take care of others- maybe you do too!! Self lovin' time. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Moving on

Dearest Divas,

I am so so sorry I have been MIA. I have been beyond crazy with work, school and LIFE. I put up some pictures of what I wore today. Arizona is so crazy. It started off around 105 degrees, than got really dark and cooler (99degrees haha). I treated myself to a manicure, then headed straight home and changed into comfy clothes while I worked on my 6 hours of homework..UGHH

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Flaunt it if you got it..

Dearest Divas,
Let me introduce you to one of the most gorgeous, amazing, funny, talented and did I mention sweetest girl? Well, her name is Savannah, "Savannah I am going to be the next Victoria's Secret model ;)". I met Savannah through a mutual friend, and connected through the fact that she is getting into modeling and needed her makeup/hair done for her upcoming photo shoot. Boy, was I so on for this! She is so naturally beautiful, it makes me want to puke :p Just kidding. But really, this girl has got it. She is so modest, it is unreal, FLAUNT IT IF YOU GOT IT GIRL! 

Getting ready was super fun. We relaxed and chatted while glamming her up. Of course, as usual we were running late to meet up with Paul, this AWESOME photographer. We scattered for our stuff, and rushed off to meet him. Paul has it all. The lighting, the props, the backdrops and not to mention, a GREAT eye for photography. 

Neither of us had to do much work due to Savannah being so stunning, but we did our best ;) Paul was awesome. He was so patient, and by patient I mean 5 hours worth of photos!!!!  Here is one of the 800+ photos he had taken of this beauty. 

This was all done by :

  Recent photo shoot with Savannah Leigh

To book your shoot please call Paul at 480-329-5580
Prices start at $125


You have got to check out his website, his modeling shots are unbelievable!

A big thank you to Paul Hill for his patience and to Savannah for being such an awesome model, rock it girl. 

XO ErinEstelle