Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Most Beautiful Thing a Girl Can Do Is Smile

Dearest Divas,

Honestly, how sick are you of "mean girls"? It feels like my whole life I have been surrounded by these types of girls, eventually turning into me grouping every single female walking this Earth into the "that girl" section of my brain and completely cutting myself off from them. This is no better then saying something mean for no reason or making a rude comment about them, I am still judging before I get to know the real person inside. This had been a struggle on going for many years now that I continue to face. Cutting people out of my life had proved to be an easy out for me, dealing with an actual situation- not so much.

I realized the other day to wipe away the blur of judgments and pre-conceived ideas I hold against other people, and to really give them a chance, opening up and welcoming them in. So far, this has worked. I used to be so scared of opening up just to get turned down and rejected, however, the more I have grown, the more I have learned to brush off rejection and accept that as the other person's issues. If I never open up to anyone ever again just because I am too scared to be hurt, where will I get in life. Most likely stuck up in my house with no friends or life.

Anyways, moving on from my rant, this leads me to the title of this blog "The Most Beautiful Thing a Girl Can Do Is Smile". This is oh so true! A smile can make the difference in someone's day or even week! I have been told many times by my sisters that when I initially meet someone or am walking and thinking, I tend to give glares or unpleasant faces ( never intentionally) which comes off as me seeming b**tchy or very judgmental. If you get to know me, you know that both of these are so untrue! ..or so I hope :/. Smiling at someone you do not know is such a great way to connect with others just through a small geusture, and to show the genuine you. Who knows, maybe now with this new awareness when I walk I will manage to trip less? That would be nice and not to mention save me a ton of embarrassment throughout the rest of this year.

I miss you all and feel horrible about my tendency to be MIA recently, blame my classes! Seriously, my stress level has been beyond sky rocketing, leaving no time for fun .. or blogging.