Monday, February 11, 2013

Where is my Mind?

      I will be the first to admit it, I have been the worst with updating, let alone even keeping up with my blog. Life has been beyond crazy, however, that is not a good excuse for why I haven't been blogging. Even when times would get crazy, blogging was something I used to go to in order to escape all the craziness. I think ignoring my blog was one way I was coping with all the changes going on in my life. The thing is, I am the queen of procrastinating and in fact, the queen of just plain out acting like something major isn't happening, when it most definitely is. Im not sure if that will make sense to anyone? What I am trying to say is that when something happens to me that i feel like I cannot deal with, or it is extremely overwhelming, I have this horrible talent of completely blocking it out in all and every way possible so that I actually begin to act like it is not even happening.
       Yesterday I came to the realization that I need to break this horrible habit, and my first way of doing so will be consistently blogging again. Not only does this help me face my problems, but blogging is something that has helped me regardless of what is going on in my life. The more I write, the more I can sort things out in my own crazy, non-stop head.
      As a small, little update on where I am in my life right now, I am in fact, actually BACK in Arizona. Go figure, right? If there is anything I can sum up all the things I have learned this past year up into, I would have to say that judging people for the decisions they make in their lives is something I will not do again. I used to be extremely judgmental of other people. Although I am embarrassed to admit it, I was so quick to judge people I barely even know because of something I saw on their facebook, or something I heard from a friend, or their friends, who is friends with their sister. Pathetic, I know. But seriously, how many of us do this on a daily basis? 
     This habit was not so easy to break. Something I did/continue to do is every time I make a quick judgment or find myself about to say something rude about someone else, I think about my life, and why I wouldn't want people doing this to me. You will never ever get away from people talking about you, or making assumptions about your life, but I have learned that you can stop doing that to others yourself, and in return, you will no longer give a s*%! what people are saying about you.

Finding true friends is something SO precious- I have learned through the past year that many people you call your "friends" are so far from the real thing. This just makes finding those precious little diamonds so much more rewarding and makes you appreciate them more and more each and everyday. 

This quote has become one of my favorites recently.
Enough of my rambling... I decided to give you a little update through my iPhone pictures over the past few months. XO

Kyle came home for Xmas
 I turned 22
 I wore Hello Kitty ear muffs
and went brown with my hair color.

I become obsessed with fun tights

 I ate McDonalds for the first time in 10 years...

And I got fat.
 I wore cat ears everywhere.
 I made my dog wear a babushka.
I held many long, in-depth conversations with Phoebe.
I spent way too much time with my delusional family.
I made the ultimate decision to get back to blonde- ASAP.
 I decided to drive across the country in 2 days...
 St. Louis
 Phoebe- our tour guide.
Arizona at last.
I found myself back in an extremely mature relationship..

 Decided to completely knock down a wall ..
 Obviously in order to make a much larger walk in closet..
I fell in love with gray mixed with corals...

And I fell in love with apple cider vinegar.

Love this:

And since when did Elle have cute makeup brushes?