Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Make Your Own Salt Scrub

I wanted to share a quick post about one of my favorite "recipes" for a DIY salt scrub. The ingredients are simple- all you need on hand is sea salt and coconut oil. I have used other oils but have found coconut oil to be my favorite. The coconut oil leaves your skin so hydrated you wont believe how good your skin feels afterwards. 

 I add in a calming botanical mixer but there is no need for this.
 Add 2 parts salt to 1 part oil.

The consistency should be around this- not too oily, more of a paste. If you add too much oil, do not worry, just add in small parts of salt until the consistency reaches the right texture. 

Some tips before doing this:
-Do not shave right before using this exfoliator. The scrub will be very uncomfortable and salt will tear open the little cuts from your razor. 
-There is no need to add a lot of pressure when rubbing the mixture on. The salt will do the exfoliating for you, so keeping a light pressure will leave best results.
-I like to take coconut oil and put it in the ends of my hair before I use the scrub. That way while you exfoliate, your hair is getting a deep conditioning treatment as well. 
-Wet your skin a little before applying the scrub. 
-Do not wash your body after using the scrub, this will take off the layer of coconut oil that sits on your skin, keeping it hydrated. 
-When you get out of the shower, dry yourself off with a towel by patting, instead of rubbing as most people do. 

I hope you all enjoy this- especially now that it is getting to be summer time, your skin will feel amazing, but look even better. The oil gives your skin a gorgeous glow.